John Peter Zenger News Foundation

The John Peter Zenger News Foundation serves as a partner, ally and advocate for Community News companies, says its President Todd F. Allen. As such, the Foundation upholds the highest standards of journalistic integrity, policies and practices. "The idea for State News Today is simple," says Allen, "Member newspapers share news gathered by their staff with other members across

the state combined with legislative news and other special reports and features by the State News Today staff." The mission is to uphold the founding traditions of the American free press as a public service that operates in separation from consolidated government, corporate or political interests and agendas.

State News Today

State News Today is the news service branch of John Peter Zenger News Foundation. State News Today offers its participating members fair, accurate and independent editorial content at no charge. Editor Robert Morton, formerly a senior editor at The Washington Times and Washington Examiner, works with editors and reporters

in the Triangle area, statewide, Washington, D.C. and overseas.
State News Today provides options for small to mid-size print, digital and electronic news organizations dependent on a diminishing number of supplemental agencies such as AP.